Hilmsen is a small hamlet located 10 miles outside of the medieval town of Salzwedel in the former territory of the German Democratic Republic (population 25,000). Salzwedel is centrally located between Hamburg and Berlin. Culturally rich with a charming aesthetic, modern amenities, and a fascinating history, Salzwedel is a place of interest for many travelers along the old Eastern border. In 1993, Hans Molzberger acquired 50,000 square meters of land in Hilmsen, which included a Gothic farmhouse built in 1906 along with several dilapidated barns, to continue to create large-scale sculpture.

Molzberger began making minor modifications and additions to the farm and facilities so the environment would be more conducive for studio artwork. He started hosting his friends and fellow artists to create their own work, research and collaborate. This led to the founding of Atelierhaus Hilmsen (meaning “ studio house” in English), a professional arts and humanities residency and non-profit organization.


Through partnerships with American and international institutions, Atelierhaus Hilmsen supports the education and professional development of artists and scholars from around the world with an emphasis in the Arts and Humanities. Residents come together to create and research in complete freedom, unmediated by external distractions.
Atelierhaus Hilmsen selects artists and scholars of varying disciplines regardless of age, sex or nationality to experience an unforgettable place of creativity and mystery. Through the alchemy of diversity, spacious studios and the wondrous environment of Hilmsen, the Atelierhaus becomes a channel for deeper understanding across cultures and perspectives as well as a catalyst for spontaneous collaborative projects.


Each year Atelierhaus Himsen hosts 7 day international workshops by instructors from around the world who are masters in their fields. Workshop fees and dates vary depending upon the availability of the instructor and the type of workshop being implemented. For more details regarding workshop availability and cost at Atelierhahus Hilmsen please contact us at info@atelierhaushilmsen.org with the subject line: WORKSHOP.

If you are interested in instructing a workshop please contact us at info@atelierhaushilmsen.org with a one paragraph proposal describing what you wish to teach. Please use the subject line: INSTRUCTOR. After we review your initial description we will be better able to inform you about how we can help make your ideal workshop a success.


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